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What is Power! Part II

Written by John (the other John).

This article is a sequel to my prior article “What is Political Power in 2020”. “Racism” has traditionally been defined as feelings of superiority over another group of people based on DNA, and/or hatred of another group based on DNA. So based on this definition, a person can be “racist” from any group of people as long as they have these feelings. But this definition has been conveniently altered to include that the person/group can only be “racist” if they have power, and if the person/group lacks power then they cannot be “racist”. So based on this, the intention was to label whites as “racist” while other groups cannot be “racist” (because they allegedly lack power). But this raises two key questions:
  1. Is this true that only a person/group possessing power can be “racist”?
  2. If true, who really has the power?
Let us examine #2 (because #1 is bu!!$hit).

Certain groups of people with a specific political ideology has members who commit/benefit from the below:

  • Burn loot murder in thousands of cities/town for 100+ days, causing billions of USD in damages, and killing dozens of people, but it not only is not condemned, but it is glorified
  • Another group protests for about 3 hours, and it is apocalyptically condemned
  • On average are less qualified, yet the rules are changed to give them an advantage over more qualified people
  • Governments, corporations, academia, media openly violate norms of equality and fairness to advance them
  • Governments, corporations, academia, media openly and proudly discriminate against other groups
  • Media and culture promote procreation with that group, while discouraging other groups
  • Endorse philosophical contradictions if it promotes that group (i.e., hypocrisy)
  • Academia alters school curriculums to advance and mandate hatred of another group
  • Government enacts legislation for wealth transfers from one group to another
  • Condemn positive traits, endorse bad traits (ex., going to work on time is bad; trying to succeed is bad; a nuclear family is bad)
  • One group has the highest crime rate, yet blame is shifted to another group
  • When a person of this group commits a crime, it is either ignored or explained as mental illness or even justified; if a person of another group commits a crime, then this crime is assigned to the entire group (i.e., group guilt)
  • Can say whatever they want without consequence, while members of another group get canceled
  • Etc...
Bottom-line, there is an entire well-financed continual industry that excuses and justifies the shortcomings of a specific group, while condemning the positive acts of another group. When things like that occur, we must all acknowledge that that is power.

So tell me, who exactly has the power to be “racist”, and who exactly lacks it?
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