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Germany: Söder calls for a shadow cabinet for the CDU/CSU that is as diverse as possible

CSU boss Markus Söder has called for a quick decision for a shadow cabinet that is as diverse as possible in the internal dispute within the CDU/CSU.

Berlin - "Of course, the candidate draws first and foremost. That is the case with every election. The top candidate is the central personality. There are teams around him that are organized and also for the candidate and it is important that younger people are there too, there are many women from all countries. For example, from the new countries are there. That’s really crucial, "Söder told the ARD in the program "Bericht aus Berlin" (Report from Berlin).

He also called on the CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet indirectly to be more committed. "Four months before the election, we are not high in the polls and so everyone has to do everything they can to be successful. We will do it," he said.

Söder also denied allegations that he was a bad loser. The opposite is the case: "The federal executive decided differently. We accepted that. That is why we of course support Armin Laschet's candidacy. Now there will certainly still be a lot of discussion at the grassroots level of the CDU. But one thing is clear, we support him," says Söder. However, it is also important that a program is developed. In the run-up to the vaccination summit on Monday, Söder called for the vaccination priority to be lifted. It is important to be faster. "We have found that the output over the doctors already leads to an enormous acceleration.

Photo: Tagesschau
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