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Has Germany elected Iran to the UN Women's Rights Commission?

Iran was elected to a UN women's rights commission. In secret ballot, but purely arithmetically, several Western states must have voted for it - a shame.

Last Tuesday, the radical Islamic regime from Tehran, the so-called "Islamic Republic of Iran", was elected to the UN Commission for the Status of Women for four years. Of the 54 members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council responsible for this, 43 voted in a secret ballot for the election of Iran. Only eleven states voted against.

“It's surreal. A regime that treats women as 2nd class citizens, arrests them for not wearing headscarves, bans them from singing, bans them from stadiums and does not allow them to travel abroad without their husbands' permission is elected to the United Nations' highest women's rights body ” . The Iranian women's rights activist Masih Alinejad wrote on Twitter in response to the election.

The election in itself is a sign of poverty, but unfortunately no exception in the United Nations, where not a few member states are dictatorships. However, a total of 15 Western democracies sit on the committee: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, France, and Germany. That means of the 15 at least 4, i.e. more than a quarter, voted for the election of one of the most misogynistic regimes in the world to the UN Women's Rights Commission. And that only if all 39 other countries voted together for the election.

So what are the chances that Germany belongs to the group of the democratic states that has elected the regime of the mullah to the UN Commission on Women's Rights?

Given the routinely dictator-friendly German voting behavior at the United Nations under the leadership of Heiko Maas, that would not even be absurd. Just a few weeks ago, Germany once again supported an anti-Israel resolution in the UN Human Rights Council, which was made up of all kinds of anti-Semites. The resolution came from none other than the Palestinian Authority, which is led by Mahmoud Abbas, who is now in the 13th year of his four-year term in office. In his "Palestine" Jews are forbidden to enter and anyone who gets lost there runs the risk of being lynched. But if he decides to teach Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, about alleged human rights violations, Germany's UN representation will be at his side.

Regardless of which of the 15 Western states have elected Iran to the Women's Rights Commission: it is and always will be a shame.

Photo: UNwatch.
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