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Green and Alternative Students in Austria: Safe Space for FLINT* people

Vienna - The statutes of the “Greens and Alternative Students” (Gras) are currently causing head shaking at Austrian universities. The stumbling block is Paragraph 47, through which men can be excluded from the group's events without further ado - at least so-called “cis men”. This is now making headlines after the organization of liberal students (Junos) was outraged about it on social networks.

Specifically, the statutes of the "Greens and Alternative Students" say:

§47 At all meetings and events of the party, a FLINT * person present can be requested to have a safe space at any time and without justification. If such a safe space is registered, all cis-men present have to leave the room for its duration.

Gras passed the statutes in February.

Only FLINT* people can become top candidates
The term “FLINT” stands for “women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people”. The asterisk is part of the gender-neutral language used in German.

Above: "Gras did not understand #equality! They show this excerpt from their own party statutes, in it the extremist ideology of the party is revealed. In any case, we continue to fight for equality, but not that some groups are placed above others!"

Another paragraph of the Gras statutes also met with incomprehension. It stipulates that only FLINT* persons are allowed to run for the green alternative students on list position 1.

Gras describes itself as a group of students committed to better study and a just world. Their vision is a climate-friendly university and society and a gender-equitable world without racism and discrimination, in which all people can live equally.

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