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Another 1,000 refugees arrived on Lampedusa

The Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa is once again confronted with strong refugee movements. 

In five landings, around a thousand refugees arrived o 27 May, as the Sicilian media reported. In the evening, the Italian coast guard brought a fishing boat in distress to safety. There were 398 people on board, including 24 women and six children.

The Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese yesterday met representatives of the aid organizations involved in search and rescue operations for migrants in the Mediterranean. “I expect the NGOs to be willing to cooperate. On the basis of the existing relationship, I am sure that the cooperation can be developed in a constructive way,” said the Minister.

At the same time, the minister urged the introduction of mandatory quotas for the redistribution of migrants in Europe. “There must be a humane and sustainable migration policy. I am optimistic that we can achieve this goal,” said the non-party minister. She criticized the fact that the Malta Migration Pact, concluded in September 2019, had not led to the hoped-for results in terms of refugee relocation.

Source: ORF
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