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EU: Funding for left-wing organizations grows and thrives

Written by Michael Paulwitz for Junge Freiheit.

It's raining money. At least for those with the right, radical left attitude. A steadily swelling blessing of millions and billions is pouring out from the federal, state and EU levels on left “non-governmental organizations”, lobby associations, gender, “anti-racism” and “diversity” activists and whatever else is in the broad field of propaganda and society plumbing abounds.

Funding excuses are always at hand. Fifteen months of Corona policy have torn down the last inhibitions for state interference through spending money. The money scooped out of the air is looser than ever, and the corridors of social devastation that lockdowns and the corona ban regimes have created provide new justifications for the ideologically one-sided distribution of subsidies.

Where there is such generous fertilization, the flora of the profiteers and claimants shoots into the herb all the more lush. This is not a new phenomenon. Chains of lights, "decent" uprisings and struggle efforts "against the right" have been moving across the country in periodic waves for three decades, orchestrated with the inevitable accompanying music from political appeals and tax-financed state programs.

Impenetrable network
Under the greenhouse conditions of hypertrophic morality, an almost impenetrable network of left ideology propagators, lobby propagandists and organized activists has emerged, which has one thing in common: the desire to be financed by public funds for their activities without time limits and with a guarantee of growth. This is where the iron law of the bureaucracy comes into play, which finds its reason for existence and growth in itself. The only difference is that we are dealing here with a quasi-outsourced executive, in which the traditional democratic supervisory and containment mechanisms no longer apply.

With the more than one billion euros "catalog of measures" of the cabinet committee "to combat right-wing extremism and racism", which was approved quite silently at the end of last year in the wake of the corona crisis policy, this wish has largely been fulfilled.

It is noteworthy that the potential beneficiaries sat at the table in large numbers to "advise" the government money distributors on defining funding goals and grant recipients - from the semi-official Amadeu Antonio Foundation with its countless offshoots to migrant associations and their umbrella organizations, Welfare and social groups to all kinds of lobby and interest groups whose purpose is to demand privileges for all possible special groups.

Specific reasons are no longer necessary
Admittedly, the justification for the establishment of the “Cabinet Committee” was the handling of the violent acts of Halle and Hanau, which had been declared “right-wing extremist”. But concrete occasions are no longer necessary to justify new rounds of expansion in the funding circus. Because the central elements of left social change and empowerment politics - "gender mainstreaming", minority identity politics, "anti-racism", multiculturalism and "fight against the law" - have long since become openly proclaimed or accepted without contradiction components of established politics.

The image of the parties that prey on the state needs to be corrected: they are left-wing ideologues who have put their hands on important levers in the state and administration and, in interaction with media amplifiers and the resonance space of a tax-financed “civil society”, promote social seizure of power.

What already works splendidly at the national level is even more effective on the playing field of the EU, where the democratic control of public financial flows is chronically underdeveloped anyway. What is stated as a general goal in documents such as the “Migration Pact”, which mandates the member states to promote migration-friendly attitudes, is spelled out in projects such as the “Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​Program” (CERV) and backed with plenty of money.

Raising funds
The "Union values" that CERV intends to promote in the budget period up to 2027 through the support of "civil society organizations" with a good 1.5 billion euros, clearly come from the radical left ideological kitchen, be it gender "equality", "anti-racism" or the fight of “discrimination” and “intolerance”. Another 2.2 billion euro program “Creative Europe”, which is supposed to serve the “reconstruction” of the cultural and creative industries after the corona clearing, also supports immigrant cuddle and dance projects along with other left-wing oddities with considerable amounts.

No opportunity and certainly no crisis remains unused to provide left-wing clients with funding and jobs. And that at the highest level too: With the newly appointed “first anti-racism coordinator” Michaela Moua, the EU Commission is not only fulfilling an “important obligation from the EU Action Plan against Racism”, but is also lifting a strong-minded sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter movement in the highest dignity, which in Europe reliably smells a racist under every stone and behind every white. As long as the money tap is not turned off, this machine of influence will turn ever further and faster.

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