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Argentina: “Juan Domingo Biden” - the strange comparison of Alberto Fernández

In the middle of an event held on Tuesday, the first after the ruling against the Government of the Supreme Court on face-to-face classes in the city of Buenos Aires, and in which he announced the delivery of 633,0000 notebooks for students, the president Alberto Fernández made a curious comparison between his American counterpart, Joe Biden and former President Juan Domingo Perón. "Yesterday, Juan Domingo Biden called for unionization," he said.

“I remember when not long ago the covers of the Argentine newspapers celebrated that Amazon did not allow its workers to unionize. Yesterday, Juan Domingo Biden called for unionization as a way to promote social rights in the United States ”, said the President, to later draw a parallel between the measures announced by the North American leader and the policies of his government.

Fernández thus referred to US President Joe Biden's inaugural speech, which he described as "formidable." “Yesterday, or the day before yesterday that Biden spoke, I don't quite remember when it was, in a formidable inauguration speech, he called to take care of oneself in the pandemic, as he did when he was an opponent and someone [Donald Trump] who was ruling said that everything should continue as if nothing happened. He called for promoting the largest employment program in American history. And how does he do it? With more resources, but in the same way as us: promoting public works ”, highlighted the president.

And he continued: "When we doubled the budget for public works this year, we did so thinking about how many jobs could be created and how much that public works could drive the rest of the economy."

In this way, Fernández associated the measures announced by Biden with values ​​of Peronism, which he exposed throughout the speech. "We formed a social movement that was born into political life demanding the freedom of a colonel, the people's colonel, who from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security began to give rights to those who worked," he said, recalling the figure of former President Perón.

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