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Pope Francis advocates openness to migrants

Rome - Pope Francis has called for greater openness towards migrants and refugees. Against the background of the Covid pandemic, the head of the Catholic Church also complained about nationalism. “Stubborn and aggressive nationalism and radical individualism are crumbling or dividing us, both in the world and within the Church,” he said in his message on the 107th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

The pontiff explained that those who “are quickly considered to be different: the foreigners, the migrants, the marginalized, all those who live on the existential fringes” suffered from this. He called on the believers to work for "that there are no more walls that separate us, that there are no longer the others, but only one we that embraces all humanity".

Pope speaks out against border security
The church has the opportunity to grow by meeting the diversity of migrants. "The encounter with migrants and refugees of other denominations and religions is fertile ground for the development of a sincere and enriching ecumenical and interreligious dialogue," emphasized Francis. The Pope was convinced that the future of our societies was colorful, “rich in diversity and intercultural relationships”.

Pope Francis had already spoken out in favor of openness towards migrants and against borders . In September 2019, he described xenophobia as a disease and compared it to measles.

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