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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim immigration threatens women's rights

Why is so little talked about the increase in sexual harassment and violence in Europe's cities? Politicians are unwilling to admit that this problem has to do with the arrival of millions of migrants - most of them young men - from Muslim-majority societies.

In “Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women's Rights”, the bestselling author Ayaan Hirsi Ali processed existing statistical material, criminal cases and personal testimony. The facts presented include: In 2014 the number of sexual offenses skyrocketed after a stable phase. In 2018, crimes “against sexual self-determination” in Germany increased by 36% compared to 2014; almost 40% of the suspects were not German citizens. In Austria in 2017, 11% of the suspects in connection with rape and sexual harassment were asylum seekers, who made up only 1% of the total population.

The author explains why so many young Muslims coming to Europe are involved in cases of sexual harassment and violence. It reveals the roots of sexual violence in the Muslim world: from institutionalized polygamy to the lack of legal and religious protection for women.

These violent crimes are not propaganda by the populist right, emphasizes Ayaan Hirsi Ali, it is a real problem that Europe - and the world - can no longer ignore. Even a refugee and victim of female genital mutilation, she insists that immigration must go hand in hand with integration and adjustment in order to succeed.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a person, writes the British author Douglas Murray, “who cannot be 'canceled' so easily”. She survived the brutal murder of her colleague Theo van Gogh, survived more than two decades of serious death threats and "fled from more countries than many people have traveled to." Perhaps it is for these reasons "that she generates such hatred ", Especially among those who are commonly referred to as "liberal". She is one of the battered women who flee their homeland and then have the bitter experience that their tormentors are already waiting for them in Western societies.

These are pampered by the liberal societies that pull themselves up against the primitive machismo of Muslim men and are glossed over by the western feminists. These are the worst enemies of women: because their shouting about ridiculous gender-neutral language only serves to drown out the cries for help of the women who are really threatened. Many escaped women feel simply betrayed by this form of self-referential emancipation: they become victims of pseudo-emancipatory blindness from the spoils of Muslim male society, which they again deliver to their tormentors and still provide the reason for it, which must sound like mockery to their ears.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes about it. But you can also feel how dominant rhetoric has long since become and how carefully the author has to formulate in order not to come under suspicion of racism or populism. So she has to make rhetorical bows to the woken ideology of “racism against Muslims” in order not to expose herself to the danger of being placed on the right.

But the numbers and facts that she can cite as evidence are depressing and speak for themselves. Her tone has become soft, careful. It is the tone of threatened submission. She tries to be smart and only let facts speak for themselves, and this is precisely how she makes it clear how far the betrayal has already gone and the people who have fled have long since become prey again.

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