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Germany promises Italy to accept refugees

The German Foreign Minister has given Italy the prospect of accepting refugees, who are now increasingly coming from Africa across the Mediterranean. "Italy must not be left alone with this question," said Maas on Wednesday after a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Rome. "Germany has already participated in the distribution of refugees in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future."

Anyone who says Italy cannot be left alone must also draw the necessary conclusions, Maas said. But that must also apply to other EU member states. Austria does not want to accept any further refugees.

For a few days now, significantly more boat migrants, mainly from Libya and Tunisia, have been arriving on the small Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa - within a short time it was more than 2,000. Maas did not name a specific number of refugees that Germany would be willing to accept. The Federal Government will clarify with the Interior Ministry in particular what the consequences will be if the number of refugees continues to rise. In the past, agreements had always been reached in which Germany also took in refugees. This will now also be coordinated closely with Italy.

Photo: Olivier Hoslet/Pool via REUTERS
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