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Cooperation with Ditib: Erdogan's indoctrination could be present in German schools

Religious instruction for Muslim children in North Rhine-Westphalia is newly regulated. The black and yellow Laschet government has signed cooperation agreements with six Islamic organizations.

Among them: the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Ditib), which is controlled from the Turkish capital Ankara. Does this give President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan access to German classrooms?

The Green politician Cem Özdemir (55) criticizes sharply. With the decision, the NRW government ensured that “Erdogan gets access to German schools”, Özdemir told Welt am Sonntag. The Ditib is part of a hierarchical organization and the headquarters in Cologne are subordinate to the Turkish religious authority Diyanet in Ankara.

"And they get their instructions from the Turkish President." That is also questionable with a view to anti-Semitism in Germany, said Özdemir.

The Green politician accused Recep Tayyip Erdogan of deliberately using anti-Semitic clichés to incite his followers. Also with a view to the anti-Semitic failures at anti-Israeli demonstrations in Germany, the cooperation in North Rhine-Westphalia is “incomprehensible”, said Özdemir.

Integration expert Düzen Tekkal makes serious accusations of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, reported Bild: “With this cooperation we are sowing what we then reap on the streets. Anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews and the emergence of fine images do not come out of nowhere, they are created. We are not allowed to place early religious education in the hands of partially anti-Semitic associations; by the way, this also gives rise to an understanding of the state that is hostile. "

One shouldn't be surprised about anti-Semitism on German streets when working with extremist forces on education policy, Tekkal added. "The decision from North Rhine-Westphalia to make Ditib a partner for Islamic classes in the state is unacceptable."

And: “A democratic society itself has to take care of the qualification of people who then teach religion on the basis of the Basic Law. That cannot be left to foreign governments, especially not if they are as undemocratic as in the case of AKP Turkey. "

HOW dangerous the ideology of the Turkish religious authority is can be read by anyone. The umbrella organization of the Ditib communities, Diyanet, published a sermon full of hatred for Israel and Jews.

Among other things, it says: “Murderers kill our innocent Palestinian siblings in front of the world. Those who feed on blood and tears drive the Muslims in and around Jerusalem out of their homes with pressure and violence and rob them of their right to life. They ignore the immunity of the place of worship and violate the spirituality of the Masjid al-Aqsa."

A direct reference to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. And pure propaganda for the Hamas terrorists. Israel is portrayed as a murderer - just like in the anti-Semitic hate demonstrations on German streets in the past two weeks. Jews are portrayed as perpetrators who feed on the blood of their enemies and drive people from their homes. Disgusting hatred of Jews - which is soon to be taught in German schools by the NRW government.

Source: Bild
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