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2021 German elections: According to surveys Baerbock's hope is already falling down

The negative headlines and scandals surrounding the Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock and the Greens are evidently not without consequences. According to the latest survey results by the INSA opinion polling institute for Bild am Sonntag , the Greens fall to 23 percent.

The Union parties is also losing approval and, according to the survey, only reaches 24 percent. A coalition of the CDU / CSU and the Greens would therefore no longer have a majority. The winner of the last few days is the FDP. It gains two percentage points and, according to the survey, is 13 percent, the highest value the INSA has ever recorded for the FDP at the federal level. The AfD's value remains stable at 12 percent, the SPD wins one point. The left is losing a percentage point and has to fear more and more about entering the Bundestag.

When asked who the people would vote for in a direct election to the Chancellery, Baerbock loses four percentage points, according to the Insa survey. This means only 20 percent. In the most recent ZDF political barometer, Baerbock has also landed at a low in the politicians “Top Ten” since February 2020. At the beginning of the month it had a value of +1.0, which has now halved. Olaf Scholz is +0.9 here, Armin Laschet +0.1.

According to the Politbarometer, a direct comparison between the three candidates for Chancellor shows that Baerbock is not the favorite for the Chancellery. In the Laschet-Baerbock duel, 46 percent would rather see Laschet as Chancellor, Baerbock just 42 percent.

Baerbock is also clearly behind in the duel between Scholz and Baerbock. 49 percent would rather see Scholz as chancellor, 41 percent Baerbock. The scandals surrounding Baerbock in the last few days hit their personal approval ratings above all.

The additional income affair, which is just a "mistake" among countless Baerbock goofs, does not leave people completely indifferent. If it goes on like this, the Baerbock hype would actually end even more abruptly than the now proverbial Schulz train.

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