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Deutsche Welle is now protecting their candidate for Chancellor: Annalena Baerbock

"It's been barely three weeks since Annalena Baerbock was nominated as the Green party's chancellor candidate", writes Kate Brady, for Deutsche Welle. "But it took only a matter of hours after her nomination on April 19 for disinformation and hate about her to begin spreading like wildfire online."

Of course, it is "hate speech"! Not the fact that many Germans distrust Baerbock due to her political views and lack of knowledge, which has been evidenced in various interviews, including on talkshows surrounded by like-minded people.

Barbeok and Robert Habeck, repeatedly demonstrated a lack of contact with the reality of Germany and economic ignorance that is scary.

However, we should expect more propaganda from DW and the public broadcaster ARD and ZFD, as it was already mentioned in a previous article that they serve as indoctrination platforms of a left-green worldview.

The Nazis and the Russians are everywhere
The article continues: "At the moment two main groups have their eye on Baerbock, says Hillje. One is a far-right network made up of populists and extremists. The second is pro-Russian, he says, pointing to Baerbock's criticism of Moscow, and the Green party's wish to end the construction of Nord Stream 2, the controversial gas pipeline between Russia and Germany."

The solution: Surveillance à la Stasi?
"'Different platforms are better suited to different types of content and disinformation. So we can't afford to have an eye on just one platform. We need to watch all of them,' Eckert told DW. 'Dark social' — the sharing of social media content through private channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram — adds to the challenge."

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