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Equity: The Science Supporting American “Racism”

Written by John (the other John).

A “quark” is a sub-atomic particle that is smaller than an atom, which is the smallest known particle on planet earth. Of note, quarks have never been directly observed, but their existence is based on theoretical predictions (so you have to believe what has never been proved). Because quarks are the smallest known particles, under current knowledge they cannot be split nor spliced into anything smaller; in other words, a quark is an irreducible minimum. And being that quarks are found in all living beings/things, quarks are thus the foundation of the entirety of life on earth (at least in theory).

So by now you are wondering wtf am I writing about quarks. I am writing this because the woke equivalent of a quark (the unproven theoretical particle that is the foundation of all life) is the concept of “systemic racism” being the “original sin” in the US (the unproven theoretical concept that is the foundation of American life). What this means is that because “racism” is the most basic particle of American life, that the concept of “racism” cannot be split/spliced nor critiqued; in other words, it must be accepted as a fundamental self-evident truth because it too is an irreducible minimum. Denying this truth is equivalent to saying that the earth is flat, or that earth is the center of the universe; not only is denying this just plain wrong, but it also evidences that the denier is privileged and “racist”. And with this very foundation of “racism”, the only solution is “equity” (which is legalized actual racism against an entire group of people [whites] based on their skin colour).

The inspiration for this cult is Black Jesus himself (George Floyd), and his “equity apostles” are his spiritual followers. But unlike Jesus’ apostles who were peaceful, Black Jesus’ apostles enforce this word by means of violence and intimidation. And these equity-apostles do not allow any critique or questioning of this dogma, so they expeditiously cancel any heretic who dares challenge them.

So what are you: a believer or a heretic? At the Last Judgment, you will learn your fate.
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