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Germany: Rapist from Ghana went crazy in custody and threatened prison officials

Cologne / Bonn - He came back to the process in flip-flops. Tied up and closely guarded, Eric X. follows the verdict on Friday.

In 2018, Eric X. (35) was sentenced to ten years in prison for particularly serious rape and predatory extortion. In 2017, he attacked a couple camping in Bonn's Siegaue, threatened them with a pruning saw and attacked the woman in front of her boyfriend.

But even in prison in the Cologne-Ossendorf prison, Eric X. remained extremely dangerous! In the current trial, the public prosecutor's office accused him of serious arson and threats.

For this, the dangerous rapist was sentenced to ten more months by the Cologne Regional Court on Friday. The rejected asylum seeker from Ghana has to go to jail for a total of ten years and ten months.

  • Eric X. threatened the officers with death, spat on them and threw his food around himself. That is why he was moved to the high-security wing of the prison.
  • For security reasons, his cell could only be entered by three employees AT THE SAME TIME.
  • When Eric X. set fire to his cell, the prison employee hurried to help could not intervene immediately because he first had to wait for his two colleagues. This lost over a minute and a half. Only then could the cell door be opened.
After the fire, the man from Ghana reportedly stated that he had set the fire because he wanted to be moved to another cell.

Images from a surveillance camera show how he initially tried in vain to cover the camera with a piece of paper. On further shots you can see how his mattress, which he put on the table, is on fire.

"In order to relax the situation, they actually wanted to move him to another cell the next day," a prison employee told the court.

Source: Bild
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