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German Green Youth inspired by Communist propaganda

Berlin - The Green Youth has admitted mistakes when creating an advertising poster. When choosing the aesthetics, the necessary sensitivity was lacking, admitted a spokesman for the Green Youth on Monday to Bild.

The stumbling block are two illustrations that the Green Youth used for their spring convention, which took place at the end of April. One shows a dark-skinned man and a light-skinned woman next to a red flag with their heads firmly stretched. Above the slogan: "Many Struggles - One Fight". The Green Youth of Freiburg are responsible for the motif.

In another picture, which was also published on the website of the Federal Association of Green Youth, a woman and a man hold up their arms and grab a flagpole with a red flag. Here, too, the man is dark-skinned again.

Green youth are ignorant
The choice of pictures of the Green Party offspring had caused outrage on social media. The main point of criticism was that the pictures were reminiscent of propaganda motifs from the Soviet era.

On Monday, Bild also took up the case with the headline "Green youth advertised with Lenin propaganda". In both advertising posters, the Green Youth used two propaganda posters from the “All-Soviet Lenin Communist Youth Association - Komsomol,” the paper wrote. Komsomol was the youth organization of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The spokesman for the Green Youth replied to the newspaper on Monday that they did not know that these were motives of the communist youth of the Soviet Union. "We only became aware through your email that the said organization had used a similar motive 90 years ago," he said.

The Greens named an Adobe Stock collection as the source for the images. There these pictures are offered in a "Revolution Promoting Set". In fact, some of the motifs, including the two chosen by the Green Youth, are reminiscent of the imagery of communist propaganda.

In the end, however, one question remained unanswered, namely that of the picture reporter, why the Green Youth had made the man black in both pictures - he is light-skinned in the original from the Adobe Stock collection. The spokesman for the Green Youth did not comment on this.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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