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Greens want to delete "Germany" from their political program

The draft of the Bundestag election program is still called “Germany. Everything is in there”. More than 300 party members want the word Germany to be deleted from the title. This aversion is not new; it is already evident in the basic program.

The fight against the term “Germany” has a long tradition among the Greens. The key word of the green policy is: people. It occurs a total of 243 times, from the “preamble” - “Just as man has the power to destroy his world, he also has the power to make it a better place for everyone” (line 6) - to to the final chapter “Migration and Flight”, which ends with the sentence: “Our goal is a world in which people are not forced to flee” (Z 3.117). Regardless of whether it is an electoral program or a basic program: Who is meant when it comes exclusively to "people", i.e. all human inhabitants of this planet?

Michael Sebastian Schneiß from the Berlin district association Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg demands that the term Germany be deleted. Reason: “The focus of our politics is on people in their dignity and freedom. And not Germany. "

"They're crazy, the greens"
Timon Dzienus, member of the federal board of the Green Youth, is one of the numerous supporters of the application. The youth of the party made headlines back in 2008 when photos became known of members of the Green Youth urinating on a German flag on the sidelines of their federal congress . In 2012 the youngsters of the party distributed a sticker with the slogan: “Patriotism? No thanks! ” There was a crossed-out German flag on it.

Another amendment to the current election program comes from Peter Konrad Müller from the Hamm district association. He suggests replacing the word Germany with “green”. He fears “that the word Germany can have very negative associations. Germany could be interpreted in the direction of 'Germany over everything' or 'Germany first' à la Trump. Germany is more associated with a nationalist politics.” The word best fits the AfD and its election campaign motto “Germany. But normal ”.

At the CDU, the amendments cause a shake of the head. The Hessian member of the Bundestag Hans-Jürgen Irmer told Junge Freiheit: "They're crazy, the Greens." The process shows that the Greens are less and less connected to Germany. “They want a multicultural republic in which German identity is negated. You want to abolish Germany."

The parliamentary manager of the CSU in the Bundestag, Stefan Müller, accused the Green Base on Twitter of  “a disturbed relationship with Germany”.

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