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Opportunism: How Asian American Leftists Transformed From Meritocracy to Victims

Written by John (the other John).

For the preceding several decades, Asian Americans had on average the highest test scores in academia, and the highest average salaries amongst all ethnic/racial groups. In addition to achieving these positive traits, they also have the lowest incarceration rates amongst all ethnic/racial groups. So in essence, Asian Americans have mastered meritocracy, and they are in fact the “model minority”.

Enter wokeness. Today to woke Asians, the term the “model minority” is a bigoted and discriminatory phrase. (Yes, a complement is now an insult under wokeness). But how did this occur? Opportunism. Basically, the zeitgeist du jour is to hate “whiteness”, so why not pile on the honkeys by playing the role of victim. So what better method to achieve this than to exploit the Atlanta $ex-addiction shootings and instead alter the narrative to that of “white supremacy” (shocker). In fact, the wokesters will accept no other explanation because it is critical to being a “victim” so their very existence can now be validated (more so than needing air, water, and food to survive). And when facts are offered that the vast majority of crime committed upon Asians is committed by:

1), blacks, then
2), fellow Asians, then
3), whites.

then these crime statistics are ignored since the truth counters the narrative.

So much like any crime statistic, the narrative states that “whiteness” is the most dangerous of crimes, when in reality “whiteness” is the least dangerous of causes of crime.

BTW, there was no outrage over this attack:

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