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“The George Floyd Peace and Love Act” (A Lesson In Anti-woke Newspeak)

Written by John (the other John).

We are approaching one year since the untimely and unfortunate death of George Floyd.
So in honour of George Floyd, I am proposing to Congress that they pass the “George Floyd Peace and Love Act”. The major components of this legislation include:

1. Ban trans education in academia: (George Floyd was a man’s man, who fathered multiple kids with multiple baby mama’s. As such, he didn’t go for this trans stuff, so in honour of Floyd, this should be forbidden from being taught in public schools).

2. Election Integrity: (No doubt that George Floyd would have wanted honest elections).
a. Mandatory Voter ID Laws
b. No Mail-in Ballots
c. One Day for Election Day
d. 5 year residency requirement to vote in an Election

3. No Legalization of Drugs: (George Floyd’s life was a mess due to drugs, so in honour of George, drugs should remain illegal so to not result in any other person sharing his fate).

4. Increase Policing in High-Crime Areas: (Many America cities burned down due to lack of proper policing, along with many poc’s losing their lives due to the riots. So in honour of Floyd, policing should increase and improve in high-crime areas).

5. Seal the Southern Border, and Repatriate All Illegal Aliens: (George Floyd would be saddened to see that American jobs are being lost to illegal aliens, and for whom they collectively will soon outnumber African Americans and thus will assume more political power. So in honour of George Floyd, illegal aliens should be removed from the US, and the southern border should be sealed.

6. Cut/Eliminate Wasteful Spending Programs: (George Floyd had a lack of awareness of finance [as evidenced by him attempting to pass off counterfeit currency], so in his honour the budget should cut and/or eliminate wasteful spending).

So for all of those members of Congress who took a knee in honour of George Floyd, then they should unanimously support this Bill to become law. And if anyone of them opposes this Bill, then they need to answer to their constituents as to why they oppose the “George Floyd Peace and Love Act”.[1]


[1] By this point, you may be wondering wtf does this have to do with George Floyd? Well, why should it!
For instance:
  • The $1.9 trillion Covid Relief Bill spent only 9% on Covid relief.
  • The “For the People Act” is actually for the “corrupt people” for allowing election fraud.
  • The $3 trillion Infrastructure proposal will spend only 6% on infrastructure.
The point being is that newspeak is just a bu!!$hit word that sounds nice, but is a total f’kn lie.

Photo: KSTP.
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