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Unmasking and Decoding “Woke” Weasel-Words (Newspeak)

Written by John (the other John).

When dealing with Leftists, you must be able to de-code everything they say into its real meaning. Basically, they package their ideas with a very nice gift wrap (i.e., a positive catchphrase), but once you unwrap and decode the soundbite (i.e., decipher their meta data), you can determine the real meaning. For example:

Catchphrase Real meaning
Anti-fascist oppose “fascism” because it is not violent enough
Black Lives Matter only those harmed by a “white” person; anti-America; anti-family; burn loot murder
Reproductive rights consequence-free $ex
Racial sensitivity training “white” people are guilty ipso facto by their DNA
Critical race theory (CRT) critiques “white” people, but dare not critique CRT
voter suppression voter fraud suppression
Jim Crow election laws honest elections, $hit we can’t win; we must cheat
Scandinavian Socialism model Soviet/Chinese/Venezuelan model
Peaceful protesters violent looters committing arson
Religion of Peace 1,400 years of murder of 300 million people, enslavement, rape, theft
Racist anybody with a counter view
Liberal anti-traditional liberal values (ex. individual freedom)
Equity anti-white
Criminal justice lawempty out prisons, decriminalize what is now criminal; lawlessness
Racial justice more drugs in inner cities legally
Voter suppression voter fraud suppression
Count all votes allow fraudulent votes
Russian disinformation an inconvenient truth that must be concealed
Person of colour counter to science, white is not a colour
“For the People Act” legalization of rigged election
Uncompensated retail
Minor attracted person pedophile
Socialism anti-social acts to kill and steal
Social construct denies/counters science and reality
Insurrection patriots demanding freedom and fairness; a mere pebble of an event as compared to the BLM riots
Unity reject your own ideas; conform or die
Voting rights voter fraud rights
Public health emergency mechanism to suspend the Constitution

I can continue ad nauseum, but you get the idea. This is a full-scale highly financed “bait and switch” upon all of us. They promise you one thing, and deliver something else; but this is not out of negligence but that was/is the intent from the beginning. So next time a Leftist uses a phrase that sounds nice, remember to unmask it and decode it, and determine what they really mean. (As a side note, they hate you and they want your money; that is their one and only thought).
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