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Berlin: Pakistani allegedly involved in kidnapping and domestic violence but the police remain indifferent

A member of the Facebook private group Free Advice Berlin posted the following:

Everyone. Please this post is a very serious one and I need us as a group to stand up and take action about what I'm about to write.  On the 31st of march this year, a young black girl,20 years old, was kidnapped by her Pakistani ex boyfriend, in front of her mom( he came in with his friends and they beat her mum up) for 3 months. The police was contacted but they did absolutely nothing about it. All this happened in berlin. After months of searching for her( the search was carried out only by her mum and some church members, the police were not involved because they didn't believe she was kidnapped), she was found 2 weeks ago by the side of the road, bleeding and she had completely lost her memory, she remembered absolutely nothing. The police were contacted again and instead of carrying out an investigation, they started harassing the girl and her family and took sides with the Pakistani ex boyfriend claiming that he said it was her mum who kidnapped her lol. The dude showed up at the hospital where she was, showed up with his friends again after she was released from the hospital several times and again nothing was done about it after so many complaints. They decided to go to a lawyer to file a restraining order against him but the lawyer refused to do it and asked her to go talk to this ex and try so solve the problem????? (Mind blowing really). What I need from the group right now is a very good lawyer and also how to organise a protest. Thank you.
  • A girl is allegedly kidnapped by her ex boyfriend from Pakistan, she and her mother are beaten up.
Reaction from the police: they ignore the victim.
  • After more than 3 months she is found bleeding at the side of a road, unconscious.
Reaction from the police: support to the perpetrator, ignoring the victim's claims.
  • The ex boyfriend continues to appear at her house several times. They asked for a laywer.
Reaction from the laywer: "talk to your ex and get things fixed".

What is going on here? Is it because the authorities don't want to be called racists? Is it because they are overwhelmed by similar cases?
Or is it because we're all being asked to accept that these criminal acts should be considered normal in a multicultural society?

Regarding the request to organize a protest it will never happen. The perpetrator should be white and preferable German. So, nothing will happen. It's not interesting for the media (there are a few journalists in that Facebook group).

In any case, I believe that this is the future of Germany when Muslims are the majority of the population.
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