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Swiss people reject CO2 law: “Socialist redistribution with no effect on the climate”

Berlin - The Swiss People's Party (SVP) was pleased about the failure of the CO2 law in the most recent referendum. “Right from the start, the CO2 Act was not about the climate, but above all about socialist redistribution and patronizing the population. A yes to this unsuccessful law would have resulted in massive additional financial burdens for the population and an immense burst of bureaucracy, without any effect on the climate,” communicated the SVP.

"This result is a turnaround in energy and environmental policy, away from the dreams of the luxury socialists towards sensible, efficient and economic solutions." It is a "victory of reason" over "left profiteer politics" and an opportunity for Switzerland for “an efficient and economical energy policy”.

Greens, Social Democrats and FDP disappointed
The Swiss voters had voted against the CO2 law on Sunday with a majority of 51.6 percent and a participation of almost 60 percent. Among other things, the regulation would have made gasoline and diesel and heating more expensive. It was also intended to introduce a flight ticket tax. The SVP was the only major party to oppose the law. From their point of view, the rural population would have been clearly disadvantaged by the project.

The Greens were disappointed. The rejection massively slows down climate protection. "The power of the oil and gas companies has clearly prevailed today," it said in a first message after the vote. "If we want to save the climate, we have to see that no more money can be made with oil and gas," said Greens boss Balthasar Glättli.

The Social Democrats (SP) expressed themselves in a similar way: "The no is not the population's no to climate policy and the Paris climate goals, but a pointer that the major polluters must be made more responsible." Co-party chairman Cédric Wermuth wrote down Twitter: “Today the oil lobby won. If the corporations believe that we are giving up, they are mistaken.” The center (formerly CVP) and the FDP also reacted with disappointment to the result.

Four other initiatives to vote on
The Swiss were also able to vote on four other initiatives on Sunday. Among other things, synthetic pesticides should be banned completely. Another initiative called for direct subsidies only to those farmers who forego the use of pesticides and antibiotics so that drinking water would be better protected from contamination. Both projects were rejected.

In contrast, the Covid Act, which regulates the Federal Council's legal basis for coping with the Covid 19 pandemic and compensation payments for companies, was adopted, as was the Anti-Terrorism Act. With this, the Federal Council and Parliament want to equip the police with new resources and rights. Officials should be able to take preventive action even if they are suspected.

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