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Germany: FDP calls for mass immigration

Berlin - The FDP has spoken out in favor of bringing more migrants to Germany. The Federal Republic needs an immigration of around 500,000 people per year in order to maintain the current economic and social standard, said the deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Christian Dürr, reports Welt.

“This is simple math. If we want to adhere to the debt brake and keep social security contributions stable, there is no other way. And the number is not unrealistic either - in 2019 we had a net immigration of 320,000 people, ”Dürr calculated. The FDP politician complained that people who wanted to achieve something at school or at work were deported, showing how catastrophic Germany was as an immigration country.

Migration must finally take place via the labor market. Germany cannot afford that asylum seekers are not allowed to work. He also sees no danger that refugees could take jobs away from others in this country. "The idea of ​​competition is economically wrong. Because he assumes that there is a work cake that is distributed - which is total nonsense. Because the cake is baked anew every year and, in the best case, bigger."

"Growth needs migration"
According to the FDP's will, people with refugee status should therefore be allowed to switch to the regular immigration system. "If someone lives in Germany for humanitarian reasons and has integrated well, starts training or finds a job, it would be nonsense to expel them so that they can then apply for immigration again."

It is absurd that engineers should come through the asylum system instead of the normal immigration system. Among the asylum seekers, there are many who should better get through regular economic migration. "Why do you send them on the Balkan route first?"

When asked whether Germany should take in fewer than half a million immigrants a year in the event of an economic downturn, Dürr replied: "Maybe. But you shouldn't think so statically. To get out of crises, you need growth, and for growth you need migration."

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