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Pride month is here, but not everywhere!

For the Pride Month in support of the LGBT+ community, a number of companies are changing their logos to rainbow colors. How heroic! It gets really embarrassing, however, when you look at the social media accounts of the same companies in the countries where homosexuals are actually persecuted.

It is the “Pride Month”, ie the month in which the LGBT + community is in the foreground and is celebrated. A hit for companies whose marketing departments are on a politically correct virtue signaling mission. Perhaps you have already spotted one or the other rainbow flag in shop windows or on company websites - or enter the search query "pride month" on Google, and you will first come across a large number of different rainbow and other LGBT + community symbols and confetti, even a little rainbow heart bounces up and down.

Nice little play stuff that delights those who feel addressed and can be ignored by those who don't know what to do with it. But a virtual rainbow flag alone does not make the world a more tolerant place, just as the label “organic” will not save nature. Maybe it even has the opposite effect for some, because in the long run it gets on your nerves when it comes out of every can. That has nothing to do with homophobia, I know a lot of gays who simply can't do anything with the colorful stuff and are sometimes annoyed by it - regardless of their political views.
This is not only due to your personal taste, but also because it is simply virtue signaling. In a month these rainbow flags will be less omnipresent again, it won't make a difference.

And more importantly, in many places they were never there at all. A shitstorm is looming on Twitter, because some users at numerous large corporations have noticed the discrepancy, which is perceived as hypocrisy: For example, if you look at the Siemens Germany Twitter account, you will find the rainbow-colored Siemens logo in the profile picture. This is also the case with all regional Siemens accounts, from the US account to the Spanish one. It gets interesting when you call up the Siemens Middle East account. Well - what is that, no rainbow flag at all? The same for Siemens Indonesia and Nigeria. The game developer Bethesda has equipped all the accounts in the already largely tolerant countries of the western world with rainbow flags, but at Bethesda Middle East there is a yawning emptiness, the same for BMW and Mercedes Benz.

The "Pride Month" shows the double standards in the western world. In this country people adorn themselves with free courtesy, propagating an attitude that really only a minimal part of the population contradicts. Until then it is and will remain just a cheap PR number from companies that are not interested in the interests of oppressed and persecuted gays in the long run. This should be remembered for the coming days and weeks.

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