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Green Party Congress: speaker compares climate researchers with persecuted Jews

At the party convention of the Greens, the guest speaker Carolin Emcke caused a scandal: She compares the situation of climate researchers with that of the Jews - that causes widespread outrage. Cem Özdemir describes Emcke's chosen comparison as "not appropriate".

At the federal party conference of the Greens, the author and publicist Carolin Emcke gave a more than just questionable speech. In it she drew, among other things, the following comparison: “We will certainly speak of elite again. And then presumably it will not be the Jews and cosmopolitans, not the feminists and virologists, who are warned against, but the climatologists. "

That not only caused a lot of question marks, shrugs and shakes of the head, but also outrage. On the net, the author from the Süddeustsche Zeitung was accused of playing down the Holocaust. Many users asked about the difference to those demonstrators of the lateral thinking movement who declared themselves to be the "new Jews" and were sharply criticized from all sides - for example, the appearance of Jana from Kassel, who got into the crossfire of criticism because she said she felt a bit like Sophie Scholl as an action critic. Also in connection with the anti-Semitism allegations against Hans-Georg Maaßen, which the Greens largely agreed, this sentence by author Carolin Emcke is more than explosive.

Carolin Emcke, who was awarded the State Order of Merit of North Rhine-Westphalia by Armin Laschet last year, had visibly interested spectators in Baerbock and Habeck, who applauded devoutly, perhaps somewhat absently, and left this historically forgotten sentence without any contradiction. Greens Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner told Bild that Emcke was "above any suspicion of anti-Semitism and has uncovered the logic of demagogy in her speech".

Cem Özdemir tweeted: "Our democracy is threatened from many sides. Carolin Emcke made this very clear in her speech. At one point, however, this was phrased in an unfortunate way in the speech. Comparisons with the hatred that people of the Jewish faith are exposed to are not appropriate."

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