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Polish ambassador to Germany: "A real Pole only kneels before God"

Berlin - Poland's ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przylebski, has spoken out against the fact that the players of the Polish national team should kneel down before the start of the game as a sign against racism. "For me it goes without saying that the Polish national team will not kneel before the games during the European Football Championship," said Przylebski to Junge Freiheit.

"A real Pole just kneels before God - and possibly before the woman whose hand he is asking for." Colored footballers are now among the football elite, are wealthy and are valued and admired. So why should one kneel before them? Asked the ambassador.

Misunderstood political correctness
"I find it inappropriate to make amends for the colonialism of the past epoch by bowing to people who had nothing to do with it and who were born in England or France, for example," explained Przylebski. In addition: “Poland never had colonies, so it did not practice colonialism either. Why should we join a ceremony born of misunderstood political correctness that affects other countries?"

Poland will play their opening game at the European Championships against Slovakia on Monday with the German Bundesliga shooter king Robert Lewandowski. In the past, the Polish national team did not take part in the knee-low campaign. When the Three Lions bent their knee on the grass in the World Cup qualifier against England, the Polish players, for example, kept standing. According to the spokesman for the Polish Football Association PZPN, Jakub Kwiatkowski, the team will discuss how to behave before today's game against Slovakia.

Criticism of the celebrated anti-racism gesture came on Monday from the President of the German-Hungarian Society, Gerhard Papke. "Anyone who believes that Europe will gain worldwide respect with kneeling football teams is greatly mistaken," wrote the former leader of the FDP parliamentary group in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. “Those who humiliate themselves are not respected. This applies to people as well as to nations. "

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