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Black holes are... racist, according to professors from Cornell University

Black holes are among the most fascinating structures in the universe because of their gigantic power they can devour planets and even stars.

Now these structures have gotten into the talk in the USA. The reason: suspicion of racism!

In the winter semester 2020/21, for example, a course entitled “Black Holes: Race and Cosmos” was held at the elite Cornell University (New York).

The reason: It is wrong to believe that there is “no connection between the cosmos and the idea of ​​black skin colors”, said Prof. Nicholas Battaglia and colleague Parisa Vaziri in the course description.

Rather, the almost exclusively white astronomers have reinterpreted the history of races in a creative way using terms such as “'Black Hole' - in order to hide their own unconscious racism.

The course was led by representatives of a questionable theory: "Black Studies". These researchers are of the opinion that racism from the colonial era lives on to this day in the form of unconscious behavior, where words or terms such as “black hole” are the evidence.

The result: The researchers suspect racism everywhere, for example in space.

It doesn't just hit the black holes. The term “event horizon” (the interface in space-time that occurs with black holes) is also racist, according to the course description.

Other “astronomical concepts” such as the electromagnetic spectrum, stellar evolution and the theory of relativity should also be tapped for racism.

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