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Germany: 18-year old woman is raped by three refugees

Leer (Lower Saxony) - A young woman (18) was apparently lured into an apartment in Leer, beaten and raped several times by three men (18, 20, 21).

According to initial investigations, the crime took place on Saturday night in an apartment building in the southern part of Leer. "We do not want to disclose any further details - also to protect victims," said police spokeswoman Frauke Bruns.

Traces were found, the victim's clothing was seized and the woman was given a gynecological examination. According to information gathered by Bild, the woman is in an extremely critical psychological state.

The Aurich public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant on Monday, but all three suspected perpetrators did not have to be held in custody. According to Bild, the suspects are two Syrians and one Iraqi.

Source: Bild
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