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Germany: the risk of poverty among single parents remains at a high level

The proportion of single parent families in Germany who are at risk of poverty remains high.

Gütersloh - This is the result of a study by the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation, which was published on Thursday. Accordingly, many single parents are unable to create a secure existence for themselves and their children, even though they are often gainfully employed. According to the study, 43 percent of single-parent families are considered to be low-income, while for couple families with one child it is nine percent, with two children eleven percent and with three children 31 percent.

Women are particularly affected: 88 percent of single parents are mothers. The proportion of single parents who receive benefits according to the Social Security Code II (SGB II) has decreased since 2015 - in the West German federal states from 36 to 34 percent, in the east even from 43 to 33 percent. Nonetheless, their share among SGB II households, at 34 percent, is almost five times higher than among couple families with children (seven percent).

Federal Minister for Family Affairs Christine Lambrecht (SPD) sees the federal government's policy as confirmed by the results of the study: The SPD politician said on am Thursday. "The situation of single parents depends a lot on the time before the separation." The minister said that the mothers' own employment already in the partnership is crucial in order to reduce economic burdens after a separation.

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