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Hedging Their Bets At The Fabulous Las Wokeus Casino

Written by John (the other John).

Imagine a private section of a casino full of “whales” (bigtime gamblers) in which these people are hedging their bets to win lots of money. They gravitate to a modern Roulette Table in which the choices on table and wheel are not binary with only red and black to choose from, but rather the colours include: white, black, brown, yellow, red, and pink. The marble that will be spun is coloured green (the colour of the USD). These “whales” have no specific preference for a colour on the table, but their sole mission is to win a sick amount of money. But what is unique in the Las Wokeus casino is that the government and some masked “shock troops” are rigging the Roulette Wheel in that if the green marble falls on white, then that gambler loses. So to avoid losing, the government and the “shock troops” advise the casino to rig the game by preventing the green marble to ever fall on white. So with this knowledge, the whales do not bet on white, and similarly the green marble never falls on white. But what is also unique about this casino, is that it does not matter whether the green marble falls on any other colour: black, brown, yellow, red, or pink, the result will be that all of those choices will result in that whale winning money.

Now that you imagined this scenario, stop imagining. This is what is currently occurring today in corporations, government, academia, etc… Job hiring and University admissions are rigged so the people in charge in the US choose: black, brown, yellow, red, or pink, and to avoid choosing white. And with the knowledge that choosing white can get them sued or get a visit from the “shock troops”, then why would anyone choose white in the US. After all, it’s all about the colour green (the colour of money), and their bets are that the future of this nation and economy will not be white.

That being said, is this method of gambling global? Yes and no; let me explain. “Yes” in the sense that the Roulette Tables are also rigged to choose a specific colour of local preference, but “no” as to having the same preferred colour(s) as in the US. For example:
  • in the Macau Casino in China, you can only win by betting on yellow;
  • in the Moscow Casino, you can only win by betting on white; and
  • in the Middle East Casino, you can only win by betting on brown.
Any other bet will be a loss.

And with this knowledge, do the whales have any guiding principles (whether having a preferred colour irrespective of local preference, OR, choosing the colour that allows them to win big money)? If you guessed that these whales have non-monetary principles, then you will be disappointed; their only principle is profit, and their only god is money. So if (for example) they bet on black or pink in China or Moscow, then they will lose big.

These whales (i.e., corporations) only worship money, and they have no care or concern for people. Their whim is like a fart in the wind, in that they will drift in whatever direction that their disloyalty will allow them to earn huge profits.[1]


In the US, the corporations:
  • love black people, yet they overlook slavery in Africa;
  • love gay/trans people, yet they overlook gays/trans being thrown off of rooftops in the Middle East;
  • love Muslims, yet they overlook Muslims in concentration camps performing slave labour in China.
It’s all about the money; greedy parasitic hucksters lacking any humanity, yet they pretend to have empathy if it can earn them profits.
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