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Shocked woman argues in viral video as naked 'man' enters LA spa's women's section

A video of a woman raising her voice against a 'man' has gone viral. The unnamed woman in the viral video shared on Instagram has alleged that a spa in Los Angeles, California, allowed a 'man' to walk around while exposing his penis, in the women's section.

However, when the woman confronted the staff members of the WI spa after being traumatized to see the naked 'man' roaming around while minor girls were also around, they defended him. A worker seen in the video allegedly told the woman that the unidentified 'man' was permitted inside the spa because of his “sexual orientation.” But the woman questioned, “what sexual orientation” and repeated that he’s not a female.

The video showed another woman asking for a refund from the spa and the first woman supporting her. Then a man is seen in the video trying to defend the naked person, saying he might be a transgender woman. But the woman rebuked him and stated 'there’s no such thing as transgender' as he “had a dick, he has a penis hanging out.” She said, “I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself,” before adding, “that’s traumatizing to see that.” The man then appeared to say sorry, to which the woman replied, “Ya, you are sorry, you should be, sweety.”

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