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“Ocean Viking” is looking for a European port for 572 migrants

Marseille - The refugee aid organization SOS Méditerranée has asked the European Union to assign the 572 migrants from their rescue ship Ocean Viking to a safe place. “We rescued hundreds of people who would rather take the risk of dying at sea than stay in Libya. We call on the EU to at least coordinate now so that the 572 rescued people on our ship can quickly go ashore in a safe place,” demanded a member of the ship's crew on Tuesday.

In less than five days, the team rescued the immigrants from distress at sea. There are also 183 minors among the people on board the Ocean Viking.

SOS Méditerranée accused the Libyan coast guard of intercepting boats with migrants in the Mediterranean. In doing so, they also penetrate the Maltese rescue zone.

Britain wants to do more to combat illegal immigration
The organization also complained that Italy had arrested the new MSF ship. Almost all search and rescue vessels are currently being prevented from sailing in the Mediterranean by non-governmental organizations.

Meanwhile, the British Home Secretary Priti Patel (Conservative) announced a tightening of immigration laws. In view of the increasing numbers of illegal migrants in the country, the government will in future rely on faster deportations of rejected asylum seekers, she wrote on Twitter.

People smugglers are threatened with life imprisonment and the penalty for illegal immigration will be increased. A strengthening of the border guards should also prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats or from entering the country hidden in containers.

At the beginning of June, Denmark, a European country, had already changed its asylum law. The government under the Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wants to deport asylum seekers outside the EU without a procedure.

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