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School is renamed after Samuel Paty, the teacher beheaded by an Islamist. Parents launch petition against and announce that they are taking their children out of school

The mayor of Cap d'Ail (Alpes-Maritimes) wanted to rename the Saint-Antoine nursery school after Samuel Paty, the teacher assassinated for showing caricatures of Mohammed. It will be done this Friday. This decision had worried parents of students who feared that the school would become a target of terrorists.

Finally, the ceremony for the unveiling of the "Samuel Paty" plaque will take place this Friday at 4:30 pm in the presence of the victim's sister Mickaëlle Paty.

Xavier Beck (Les Républicains), the mayor of the town said to France Bleu Azur: "We can no longer be satisfied with simple minutes of silence, moments of contemplation. We are starting to collect them and I think it is important that it is no longer fleeting moments and that the name of Samuel Paty is inscribed in marble, on a plaque, next to our republican motto: liberty, equality, fraternity ".

"Religion, politics have no place in a school. And then that would set that school up as a symbol for a terrorist."

The decision was voted on during an exceptional municipal council on October 23. Only the four elected members of the opposition voted against. "It's not that we don't want to pay homage to him, on the contrary. But religion, politics have no place in a school. Then, that would erect that school as a symbol for a terrorist. I think that the risks have been minimized and it is not because we name a school Samuel Paty that we are resistant. We can resist with other means", explains Romain Pommeret, elected opposition member. He also criticizes the mayor of Cap-d'Ail for having taken this hasty decision: "The municipal council met a week after the attack, everyone was still in the emotion, there is no dialogue."

Parents' concerns
Many parents of Saint-Antoine kindergarten students are worried. A petition has been launched. They fear that the establishment will become a target of terrorists and therefore put their children at risk. This is the case with Pamela. "The school in Cap d'Ail has nothing to do with poor Samuel Paty. My daughter is educated here, next year my other daughter will come back here, so I'm a little scared because of all of them. the attacks, the threats ... Besides, the school is not secure. It doesn't make sense for the mayor to do that ".

"At the start of the school year, parents did not put their child to school for a week out of fear, out of discontent."

Cyril had come to attend the deliberation of the municipal council to express his opposition. A month later, he does not lose heart. "We do not digest. We do not digest at all. At the start of the school year, parents did not put their child to school for a week, out of fear, out of discontent. Some parents have changed their child to school, they went to another city ". One father interviewed by France Bleu Azur is planning to make the same decision: "I'm thinking about it. For the moment the plate has not been changed...".

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