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Zwickau: Police chase an African migrant with a knife

Zwickau - Unbelievable scenes that took place on Friday afternoon in the middle of Zwickau, Saxony, Germany: A man is fleeing the police with a knife in his hand while dozens of passers-by stroll through the city center.

A video that is circulating on the net is said to show the worrying incident. It shows a man with a bare upper body in the Leipziger Strasse in a fighting stance in front of the police. Then he runs off - followed by four officers - and escapes via the busy Schuhmannplatz.

According to the authorities, the 21-year-old from Gambia (West Africa) had a knife with a nine centimeter long blade with him. In the recordings you can see how he only walks a few meters past the pedestrians in the city center.

With the knife in hand, the man walks past several passers-by on the sidewalk.

The police only managed to stop and overpower the knife man at the Zwickau Arcaden shopping center, just under half a kilometer away.

According to initial findings, the perpetrator is said to have threatened a Libyan (16) and a German (22) with a knife in a dispute at Neumarkt. Witnesses then dialed the emergency number. Luckily, no one got hurt.

"Why it came to the dispute is now, among other things, the subject of the investigation," said a police spokesman. "The suspect has been taken into custody." Upon arrest, the knife and cannabis were seized.

Just last Friday, a Somali (24) killed three women with a knife in downtown Würzburg. He also seriously injured three other women, a girl and a young person, and a man and another woman.

Back then, brave pedestrians tried to stop the killer until he was finally overpowered by the police. According to investigators, an Islamist background is obvious in this case.

Police are looking for witnesses
Witnesses who have observed the situation and can provide information about it are asked to report to the Zwickau criminal police.

Source: Bild
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