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Development worker assumes three million Afghan migrants on their way to Europe

Wolfburg - Development aid worker Sybille Schnehage has warned of a wave of migration of several million Afghans to Europe. "It can be assumed that up to three million Afghans will make their way to Europe in the foreseeable future," she told WDR in view of the advancing Taliban in the country.

Schnehage, who founded the humanitarian aid project Katachel for Afghanistan, said that Afghans would rather come to Germany than, for example, to Saudi Arabia, which is also Islamic. If it is not possible to support the Afghan people on the ground, the consequences for Europe are foreseeable.

Taliban conquer further regions in Afghanistan
Meanwhile, the Taliban captured the provincial capital Kunduz in the northeast of the country on Sunday, reported the dpa news agency. The city had previously been besieged by the attackers and then fell after two days of heavy fighting. For years the Bundeswehr had a large field camp near the city.

In the past few days, the Taliban took more provincial capitals in the north of the country. They currently controlled more than half of the approximately 400 districts in the country and several border crossings.

The US military mission in Afghanistan officially ends on August 31. The withdrawal of their troops is already more than 95 percent complete. The last German soldiers left the country at the end of June. This ended their on-site work after almost 20 years.

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