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Honor killing in Berlin: Left Senator speaks of a male problem

Berlin - After the violent killing of a young Afghan woman in Berlin, Integration Senator Elke Breitenbach spoke out against calling the act an “honor killing”. “In Germany, a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every third day. This is not an honor killing, this is femicide,” she told Der Tagesspiegel.

It is not about the origin of the perpetrators, but about the question of gender. "And unfortunately I have no idea how men can be better integrated," added the left-wing politician.

The public prosecutor's office and the state criminal investigation department announced on Friday that two Afghan brothers, 22 and 25 years old, had been arrested on suspicion of murdering their 34-year-old sister in Berlin. Accordingly, the mother of two children was killed in mid-June and her body was brought in a suitcase by train to the 25-year-old suspect's Bavarian home.

Sharp criticism from the CDU
As a result, the two men have been in custody since August 4th. According to the prosecutor, "the two suspects are said to have felt offended because the life of their divorced sister had not lived up to their moral standards".

The CDU top candidate for the House of Representatives election, Kai Wegner, criticized the statements made by the Senator for Integration. “Such answers are part of the problem. Ms. Breitenbach denies reality in order to stabilize her fragile worldview. Anyone who denies the religious and cultural background of so-called honor killings protects the perpetrators and leaves the victims in the lurch, ”he told Der Tagesspiegel.

But it needs a culture of looking. "When it comes to the suppression of women in the name of a supposed honor, we need zero tolerance," warned the CDU politician.

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