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Germany: No jail for child rapist

Gießen / Langenhagen - As a teenager he fled Afghanistan and came to Germany in 2015. But of all places, the country that became a place of refuge for Khodai R. (23), he repeatedly turned into a crime scene.

Case one, September 2018, Langenhagen (Lower Saxony): The then 20-year-old met a girl (11) through social media. At several meetings he severely abuses the learning disabled child and passes it on to two Afghan accomplices. The disgusting deeds were only revealed when the inclusion student turned to her trust teacher. The trial was in February, 2020.

“A hideous practice. The girl was degraded to an object of pleasure. Serious crimes that have consequences,” said Judge Stefan Lücke at the Hanover Regional Court at the time. But his verdict was lax: two years in prison on probation! Khudai R. left the room a free man.

Just a month before the trial, the Afghan had abused another child (13)

The second case: January 2020, a village near Gießen (Hessen): According to Gießener Allgemeine, Khodai R. sneaked into the nursery of a sleeping girl (13), touched her intimate area. Another stunned verdict: On July 28, 2021, Judge Heiko Kriewald sentenced the Afghan to one year and eight months in prison - suspended for three years on probation. The guilty verdict is given as a "last chance".

The sex offender was again credited with having confessed. Its alleged integration also had the effect of mitigating the penalty for the rapist.

But why wasn't the asylum seeker deported?

Because according to Paragraph 54 of the Residence Act, a sex offender can be deported after a custodial or youth sentence of at least one year.

If the second judgment of July 28th becomes final, the authorities could finally take action and order an expulsion of Khodai R.

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