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(Trading Places)²

Written by John (the other John).

Do you remember the movie called “Trading Places”, in which two billionaire brothers wagered a bet of $1 to see if they could have two total strangers literally trade places in society?

The two targeted people were:
  • A rich sophisticated white guy, and
  • A loathsome homeless black guy
As it turned out, by happenstance the billionaires worked it out that the rich sophisticated white guy became homeless and broke, whilst the loathsome black guy became rich and sophisticated. But you may be thinking that that is just a movie, so it could never happen in real life. Or could it?

Today in the West, we are experiencing two interesting examples of people “trading places”. And the causation of this is not from bottom-to-top, but instead it is from top-to-bottom; in other words, it is influenced by the elite in lieu of average people.

Much like in that older movie, modern film and TV shows constantly have the same inverse image of society. Essentially, by repeatedly showing these images to kids, they are hoping that life will imitate art, and that white men become gay and/or loathsome, white women become manly and/or love black men, and that black men are rich and suave. And why are the billionaires doing this? Because they can!

So just like the movie Trading Places converted white man/black man, today it also includes man/woman. Hence, instead of calling it “Trading Places”, it is now called “Trading Places” ² (a/k/a “imposter syndrome”).

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