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The Other CRT

Written by John (the other John).

We all heard of “Critical Race Theory” as being the scam being forced upon kids and adults that says that white people as a group suffer from group-guilt for sins committed centuries ago by other people who are no longer alive, and in which the victims too are no longer alive.

The fact that a specific person today did not commit the bad act (ex. slavery) is of no concern, because the evil is within white people’s DNA, thereby making all white people as irredeemably evil (thereby necessitating the extermination of white people because there is no other cure for this plague).

But noticeably, we are not taught about the other CRT (which is “Critical Reward Theory”), which instead of attaching group-guilt to all white people, this other CRT attaches group-honour to all white people for the positive acts of other white people from years/decades/centuries/millennia ago. So although I personally led a relatively unfulfilling dull life, I do proudly take credit for the below acts:
  • The landing on the moon,
  • Winning the World Cup for England,
  • Elvis’ success,
  • The invention of the automobile,
  • The invention of penicillin
  • The invention of the lightbulb,
  • Writing the Declaration of Independence,
  • Discovering electricity,
  • The invention of the printing press,
  • Painting the Sistine Chapel,
  • Writing Shakespeare’s plays,
  • Discovered that earth was not flat,
  • Writing the Magna Carta,
  • Building the Roman Colosseum,
  • Building the Parthenon,
  • Invented logic and reason,
  • Teaching philosophy to Socrates,
  • Inventing mathematics,
  • Etc...
I can continue ad nauseum, but I am too humble to take any more credit for things I had nothing to do with because I WAS NOT BORN THEN!!! (Plus, I am untalented). So after reviewing this list, it is evident that white people are irredeemably extraordinary (thereby necessitating the celebration of all white people because there is no other accolade for this greatness).

“Ridiculous” you say? Exactly! It works both ways.
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