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Afghans evacuated to EU countries want to go to Germany

Berlin - The federal police found 70 Afghans in Germany, after being evacuated by US troops to other EU countries. In the past few weeks, 32 people were registered who had presumably been flown to Poland, 26 to Italy, seven to France and five to Spain, reported Die Welt, citing information from the federal police. The number of unreported cases is probably higher, since temporary controls have only been reintroduced at the German-Austrian border at the moment.

Afghans evacuated from other EU countries also travel to the Federal Republic to apply for asylum there. One family stated that they had been flown out of Afghanistan by Italian forces, where they first asked for asylum. But they would not have felt comfortable in the country, they justified their onward journey.

Politicians promote the acceptance of Afghans
Similar cases were registered at the beginning of September. For example, Afghans who were already living in Germany smuggled in compatriots from Italy. They had already applied for asylum in the southern European country.

In view of the Taliban's takeover of power, German politicians argued for the admission of Afghan refugees as early as August. Hamburg's First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) offered that the Hanseatic city could accept 200 people. After their evacuation by the US military at its base in Ramstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, 90 Afghans also applied for asylum in Germany at the beginning of the month, the dpa news agency reported at the time.

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