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Germany: Large majority consider climate protection of great importance

A large majority of Germans consider climate protection to be of outstanding importance in the coming years.

Berlin - This is the result of a survey by the opinion research institute Yougov on behalf of the employer-related institute of the German economy (IW). 80 percent of the citizens therefore agree "completely" or "more or less" to the sentence that in the long term it is cheaper to convert the economy today to be more climate-friendly than to do so in a few years' time. 70 percent of those questioned share the view that consumption must be restricted today so that future generations can live as well as they do today.

Another 70 percent are in favor of banning short-haul flights if the corresponding distance can be covered by train in less than three hours. A large majority each is of the opinion that the economy (71 percent), the state (64 percent) and other citizens (62 percent) are doing too little to cope with the climate crisis. "Just under half of the respondents are not critical of their own actions to cope with the climate crisis," says the IW report on the survey.

If one looks at climate policy attitudes and party preferences, the potential for conflict of possible coalition negotiations also becomes apparent, writes the IW. Two thirds of the Green supporters in the survey considered the loss of industrial jobs through more climate protection to be acceptable, while 65 percent of the FDP supporters rejected it. Of all those surveyed, only 38 percent want to accept the loss of industrial jobs in order to protect the climate. A good two thirds of the citizens are also of the opinion that no new laws should be passed that contradict general climate protection goals.

The corresponding demand had been made by the Greens. With the exception of AfD supporters, a ban on climate-damaging laws found a majority in all party affiliations.

Photo: Gregor Fischer/dpa.
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