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Europe and the diversity we don't see

Some of the recent developments brought in by multiculturalism in Europe. News often ignored by mainstream media and always avoided in public discussion.

Second Moroccan migrant who crashes his car against the terrace of a bar in Torre-Pacheco, Spain. Two people were killed. Another Moroccan immigrant crashed his car into another bar the night before and now he's free.

Migrants fighting, an usual scene from the Barcelonan nightlife.

A woman is heard saying "they are dogs".

Concha de San Sebastián
A warm, sunny afternoon on the beach of la Concha de San Sebastián and a chance to get enriched by an African migrant trying to steal another guy's wallet.

People starts warning the man "Hey, he's stealing your wallet!" and a woman joins in yelling at the burglar. "What is wrong with you?" "Why do you come here to steal?", and then she mocks the way he talks.

On the meantime in Italy...
A decrepit smuggling boat reaches the shores of Lampedusa with 359 illegal migrants.

In another location of Italy, an African immigrant is showing Europeans how well integrated he is.

The UK will never be the same

A colorful and peaceful exchange of cultural enrichers.

Tower Hamlets area of East London. According to locals, a group of young black males had been coming to the area and robbing bengali and asian boys with machetes.

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