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Hamburg: Train attendant punched in the face by Arab-looking man

Her eyes are red and swollen from crying, and there is blood on her chin. Sonja H. (37) just got out of the hospital. Her lower lip is almost torn off. A surgeon sewed the gaping wound with eight stitches.

What happened - and why?

“I sat at Starbucks at the main train station, smoked a cigarette. Suddenly a man came along, said something about 'piece of shit' and hit me in the face with his fist. I really flew a bit, put my hands in front of my face. Then the blood was already dripping out between the fingers. "

H. is the passenger attendant at the metronome. It was 0.55 a.m. on Sunday, she had just come from Bremen. Her next train was supposed to start at 1:33 a.m. in the direction of Lüneburg, but then it went without her.

Sonja H .: "My lower lip hung down like a big U. The perpetrator cut it off."

Somehow she made it to Deutsche Bahn information office and was taken to the hospital. “The operation lasted three hours, they had to numb three times and cut a piece out of the lip. The doctor said that the perpetrator must have worn a ring. "

Now Sonja H. is on sick leave for the first time. She cannot chew, only drink through a straw. And don't sleep: "I keep waking up, feeling this pain."

She has filed a complaint and hopes witnesses will come forward. Description of the perpetrator: around 30 years old, 170 to 175 cm tall, short brown hair, brown beard, Arab type, dark clothes.

Surveillance videos are currently being analyzed by the State Criminal Police Office.

Source: Bild
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