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Germany: Islamism allegations against WDR presenter Nemi El-Hassan

Berlin - The AfD has called for consequences for the WDR and its news presenter Nemi El-Hassan. “A person with such views has no place on television, especially if it is financed by compulsory fees. Once again, the WDR provides arguments for why the forced radio should be abolished,” criticized the deputy AfD spokesman Stephan Brandner.

The background to this are reports about El-Hassan's participation in the anti-Israel Al-Quds March 2014 in Berlin and her statement about the term “jihad” in a video published in 2015 by the Federal Agency for Political Education. The meaning of the word as war or terror is "a misinterpretation" by self-appointed "Islam experts" in order to "harbor prejudices," said El-Hassan in it. She also said: “My jihad” means “be kind”, “work” and “be patient”.

WDR defends El-Hassa
The WDR defended the doctor who is to moderate the science magazine "Quarks" from October. The scene in the video was taken out of context and six years old, the broadcaster told the Bild newspaper. A relativization of the jihad cannot be seen. The WDR did not comment on participation in the Al-Quds March. El-Hassan was not available for comment.

"If the state broadcaster WDR leaves the moderation of a TV program to a staunch Islamist and Jew-hater, then something fundamentally goes wrong in the largest ARD institution," said the deputy AfD parliamentary group leader Beatrix von Storch. "WDR is generally known as a left-wing propaganda broadcaster with sympathy for violent green criminals and left-wing anti-constitutional extremists, but the fact that Islamist terrorist sympathizers are now supposed to be the face of the broadcaster has a new quality." There is a need to turn off the GEZ financial faucet for this state radio system”.

Experiences with the Blue Mosque in Hamburg
A Twitter entry by El-Hassan and statements in an interview also caused criticism. “I also remained silent when friends went to Tel Aviv completely unreflective to spend a summer full of lightness and parties.” El-Hassan has now set her profile to private, so that her entries are no longer publicly visible.

El-Hassan confirms participation and distances himself
In an interview with the taz in 2015, El-Hassan reported on her experiences with the so-called Blue Mosque in Hamburg. This is considered to be the bridgehead of the mullah regime in Iran and, according to the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, maintains contacts with the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

When asked by Junge Freiheit, WDR announced that El-Hassan had caught the station's attention as a “committed journalist on 'funk' and ZDF”. She received the offer to moderate "Quarks" because she worked as a medical journalist. “She has now informed the WDR about her participation in the Al-Quds demonstration in 2014. In a personal statement, she expressly distances herself and describes participation as a mistake. We are still in contact with Nemi El-Hassan. Please understand that we can only comment on further questions once these discussions have been concluded."

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