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Germany: Jan Böhmermann asks to ban different opinions on tv

This is not a joke from comedian Jan Böhmermann but a revelation of his fascist mentality.

The moderator of the comedy format "ZDF Magazin Royale" accuses his colleague Markus Lanz of inviting critical virologists to his talk show.

His argument: Scientists like Hendrik Streeck or Alexander Kekulé represent opinions that are “saturated with misanthropy”.

In plain language: Böhmermann is openly calling for a public screen ban for those who think differently!

The strange statements of the ZDF presenter came during a panel discussion of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit on Saturday in Hamburg's St. Michaelis Church. The topic of the conversation, in which Lanz and Die Zeit editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo also took part: “Power and impotence of political journalism”.

Source: Bild
Photo: Aljazeera.
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