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It was going to happen: now Seinfeld and The Office are getting canceled

There's some slicing and dicing happening at Comedy Central, and beloved shows such as Seinfeld and The Office are among the ones that seem to have episodes which are no longer deemed to be acceptable to all audiences.

The first episode to get the axe was the "Diversity Day" episode from The Office. The network felt that in this particular episode, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, was too insistent upon enrolling his staff into a racial diversity lecture, when in fact, it was him that really could have benefited from the experience.

The issues at hand continued to stem from there, as Comedy Central felt the Indian accent that was put on by Carrell was not going to fly with modern day audiences.

NBC feared there would be an all-out war over the episode of Seinfeld titled "Puerto Rican Day," in which Kramer accidentally burns and then proceeds to stomp on the Puerto Rican flag. This was a huge decision for NBC to make, as it was the 2nd highest ranking Seinfeld episode of all time. When the episode first aired, it was a huge hit, and it has been viewed well over 38.8 million times already, but today's audience would simply not be accepting of the content and the manner in which it was presented.

Rather than awaiting a problem or hoping that one doesn't surface, many networks are taking cancel culture very seriously and are making big moves to ensure their shows, their network, and the talented actors that put their hard work into filming won't fall victim to negative commentary.

Source: TheThings
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