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Leipzig: Riots at demo for left-wing extremist Lina E.

Leipzig - The Leipzig demonstration "We are all LinX" caused a large contingent of police. The security forces in Saxony are in action with water cannons and a police helicopter to keep the participants of the left-wing extremist march in check, the state's police said on Twitter. The demonstrators set up burning barricades, among other things.

The reason for the protests is the impending trial of the alleged left-wing extremist Lina E. The public prosecutor's office accuses the young woman of jointly committed dangerous bodily harm. Lina E. is already in custody on charges of membership in a left-wing extremist criminal organization.

The demonstrators in Leipzig accuse the law enforcement authorities of "defamation campaigns against left-wing and anti-fascist involvement". The police estimate the number of participants in the march at around 3,000.

Left-wing extremists threaten detective director with death
Several people set off pyrotechnics from the demonstration and threw bottles. They also damaged branches of the Deutsche Bank and the Sparkasse with stones and attacked the police headquarters.

The left-wing extremist detective director Dirk Münster was threatened with death on a banner. It read in allusion to the murder of the former employer president Hans-Martin Schleyer by the RAF: "You will be out of your dream soon, then you will be lying in the coffin."

Source: Junge Freiheit
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