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France: Barnier insists that the French act alone on immigration issues

Ex-Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, who is fighting for the presidency in France, is sticking to the idea of ​​a French going it alone on migration issues despite criticism.

Barnier for referendum
Barnier told Le Point that he was in favor of a referendum in France next September on the subject and in favor of a constitutional protective shield in order to be able to take national measures.

It is about a moratorium of three to five years to bring migration under control. First of all, a consensus should be reached in France and then discussed with the European partners about effectively securing the external borders, said Barnier. The Schengen Agreement, which abolished controls at the EU's internal borders, should also be reformed.

Criticism from Brussels
With the demand for a restriction of the influence of European courts on migration issues, Barnier had received sharp criticism from Brussels. The EU Commission pointed out that the EU treaties clearly show that the European Court of Justice has jurisdiction in the field of asylum and migration policy.

His statement is explosive against the background that European courts have for years been exposed to attacks from states such as Poland and Hungary, which question their authority.

Barnier announced at the end of August that he wanted to be the top candidate for the French Conservatives for the presidential election. But he still has several competitors within the party.

Source: ORF
Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images
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