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Refugee policy: Ankara wants new deal with EU

Despite sharp criticism of its refugee policy in the country, the Turkish government is calling for the EU-Turkey deal to be renewed. The agreement must be renewed, be "extensive" and include Syrians and Afghans in Turkey, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu yesterday.

In addition to 3.7 million Syrians, there are already 300,000 Afghans living in the country, according to official figures. The Turkish government has repeatedly spoken out vehemently against accepting new refugees from Afghanistan.

Revision pending
The refugee deal between the EU and Turkey provides, among other things, that Turkey takes action against unauthorized migration to the EU and Greece can send back migrants who have illegally entered the Aegean Islands. In return, the EU takes on a Syrian refugee from Turkey for every Syrian sent back and supports the country financially in caring for the refugees.

However, Turkey is accusing the EU of failing to honor its end of the deal and is currently refusing to take back those deported from the Europe. Greece recently asked the EU Commission to persuade Turkey to take back rejected asylum seekers.

EU leaders and Turkey have wanted to revise the deal for some time. Initial considerations on the part of the EU envisage providing Turkey with an additional 3.5 billion euros from the EU budget by 2024. Turkey had criticized that as inadequate.

Source: ORF
Photo: The Eastern Herald.
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