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Resettlement of tens of thousands to Germany: Migration expert demands a fixed quota

Berlin - The migration expert Gerald Knaus has called on the federal government to take in tens of thousands of migrants every year. "Germany should do it like Canada or Sweden and declare itself ready to relocate at least 0.05 percent of its population annually as part of resettlement, that is around 41,000 people," Knaus, who heads the think tank "European Stability Initiative", told Die Welt.

In the resettlement program of the United Nations Refugee Agency, people are identified as particularly vulnerable migrants in initial reception countries such as Kenya, Jordan or Turkey and then brought to countries that are ready to receive them. In the past few years, Germany had brought 5,500 people into the country every year in this way.

"Resettlement ensures that those who really need help come to Europe," explained Knaus, on whose initiative the 2016 EU-Turkey Agreement was concluded. It is "fairer than uncontrolled refugee movements", since children and women are also given the opportunity to take in. Most of them do not go on conventional escape routes, but mainly "daring men".

Resettlement send signs to countries of first reception
As a further argument in favor of the program, Knaus cited the allegedly easier integration of the persons concerned, since their protection status was already established upon entry. In addition, the direct resettlement also sends a signal to the first reception states that they will not only be supported with money, but also by taking away migrants.

In connection with the change of government in Afghanistan, Knaus demanded two weeks ago that the federal government should name a clear admission quota for vulnerable Afghans. The coalition countries that had fought in Afghanistan over the past few years should now lead the way. Like Canada, Germany should aim for at least a contingent of 20,000 people. Well over 100,000 were waiting for help in Afghanistan.

The German authorities registered almost 97,000 asylum applications in the first half of 2021, which would be around 185,000 for the year as a whole, which is again as many as in 2018. At the same time, Germany deports significantly fewer foreigners who are obliged to leave the country than illegal immigrants.

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